Want A Smooth Recovery From Cosmetic Surgery? Here Are Some Do’s And Don’ts


Sometimes we have to opt for cosmetic surgeries to get our desired appearance. These surgeries are completely safe if done by a certified medical representative. There are many things that you must follow before and after the surgery for a quick recovery. Here, all these dos and don’ts are mentioned, which may help you.

Tips for fast recovery from cosmetic surgery

Listen to your doctor

After cosmetic surgery, you need to take care of yourself. There are many dos and don’ts. Only your surgeon can guide you rightly. Your surgeon knows your medical history so that he can advise you accordingly. You must follow all their guidelines for a fast recovery.

Do not rely on the internet

If you have recently done cosmetic surgery, you must be wondering how to take post-surgery care. You will find numerous suggestions. But never follow those blindly as every patient has an individual skin type and health condition. So, for a smooth recovery, only your surgeon can guide you. 

The internet shows us some common methods, but there is no guarantee that the suggested method will work for you. Thus, you may cause more damage to yourself by following internet solutions.  

Consult a doctor before taking any medication

Many healthy ingredients can be risky if you consume them after cosmetic surgery. For example, green tea, Advil, and turmeric are anti-inflammatory and benefit our health, but after cosmetic surgery, these can increase bleeding. 

Other supplements and medications may react with painkillers and cause new issues. Stick to the list that your surgeon has given.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is harmful to our health in general. After cosmetic surgery, nicotine can cause dangerous damages. It slows our healing process and increases the risk factors. So, the patient must avoid smoking 4 weeks before and after the surgery.

Do not sit idle

Many people have a misconception that they have to take complete bed rest after cosmetic surgery. But this is a wrong step. You may take complete rest for two or three days but not more than that. 

Moving will promote blood circulation, heal any muscle stiffness, and prevent blood clots. So, gently move around your room instead of lying on the bed for days.

Be patient

You need to be patient after your surgery. Sometimes you may feel frustrated and bored. But, your body is still healing, and you must give it proper rest. As mentioned before, a little activity is healthy but don’t take up any strenuous tasks. This can be dangerous for your recovery. You must take rest for a few weeks and follow your doctor’s guidelines. Once you become fit, you can go back to your regular life.

Do not miss the follow-up doctor visits

You must tell your doctor all the positive and negative changes. Only then can they help you out. Feedback is essential for cosmetic surgery. Based on your feedback, the surgeon will change medication for a quicker recovery. In these follow-ups, your doctor will also tell you which activities are safe for you and which are not. So, never miss a single follow-up appointment. 

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Follow a healthy diet

A healthy diet before and after surgery is a must. Only if you are fit will you recover faster. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits for all the nutrients. Add some healthy protein to your diet as protein helps us in muscle recovery. You should also eat good fats for a fast recovery. 

Avoid all types of processed food and sugar, both of these will increase body stress and inflammation. Ask your doctor to give you a diet chart and when you get that, strictly follow the diet.  

Rest properly

Our body heals itself naturally. For that, you need plenty of rest and deep sleep. So, stay in a spacious, comfortable room and ask for all the help you need. During your recovery stage, you cannot do everything yourself like before. 

Feel free to seek help if you need it. Any forced activity will only increase your pain and injuries. Let your body rest and heal itself.

Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water daily. It will help your body get rid of the effects of anesthesia. Fluids also deliver all the nutrients to all parts of your body. It will also ease up postoperative constipation. So, drink water and eat vegetables and fruits that contain water for a healthy recovery.

Take care of your incision area

You must take good care of your incision area after the surgery to avoid infection. Apply medicine on the area, keep it dry, and do not hurt yourself around the area. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions on this.


All of us want to recover fast from surgery and go back to our regular life. But, you must understand, everything takes time. So, the healing time may depend on the type of cosmetic surgery. Following the above guidelines will be effective for every type of surgery. So, keep in constant touch with your doctor to recover at the earliest.