Various Ways To Create a Skincare Plan To Use Before Botox


Botox is a great option to smooth facial wrinkles temporarily; however, it isn’t a miracle injection. Botox will not be able to fill in deeply etched lines or your smoker’s crinkles. To get the best results from your Botox treatment, you should also start using an anti-aging skin care regimen before beginning the injections.

Although some more products and procedures are designed to fight and reverse aging, there is no need to simultaneously use all of these options. You only need to decide which products work best for you and in what order you should use them. If you have a medical or cosmetic reason for using Botox IN Totowa NJ, and anti-aging treatments, you should take care to start the injections and procedures at a reasonably young age. Here are some significant ways to create your skincare plan before using botox.

  • Skin Exfoliation

It is also called microdermabrasion; this treatment exfoliates the outer layer of your skin. Although it isn’t as aggressive as chemical peels or laser treatment, this procedure can help to remove dry, dead skin cells. If done at a professional spa or dermatologist’s office, you will have a series of treatments over a few weeks.

  • Microdermabrasion to the Upper Lip

Microdermabrasion can be done to all face areas; however, this procedure is directed at the upper lip. This is because aging skin starts to sag and lose fullness below the nose and on the lip, which causes deeper lines. If you use Botox in this area, only surface wrinkles can be smoothed out. Many people want to rejuvenate their upper lip, so they often choose eyelift or facelift procedures or injects to sculpt the lips. A microdermabrasion at the upper lip can help to achieve a fuller, smoother look.

  • Face Lift or Brow Lift

These two procedures are often used to correct deep and stubborn wrinkles that traditional Botox treatments can’t reach. A facelift will tighten the skin, reduce fat, and release pressure on the face. A brow lift is a procedure that tightens the skin in your forehead and eye area. If you want to achieve long-lasting, natural-looking results after using Botox, you should consider doing these procedures.

  • Superficial Chemical Peel

It is yet another non-invasive procedure that can be used with Botox to achieve a long-lasting effect on your skin. A superficial chemical peel removes dry or dead skin cells and is usually done in the form of glycolic acid treatment. This treatment is more aggressive as it will burn open the deeper wrinkled skin instead of microdermabrasion. The best part about this procedure is that it provides immediate results; however, the skin has to heal for several weeks before using makeup or sun exposure to avoid redness and stinging.

  • Injectable Fillers

Have you always dreamed of having full, pouty lips? Ultra-fine injectables can be used to give your lips the natural and youthful appearance that you’ve always wanted. These injections can also fill in wrinkles on your forehead and brow area. In addition to filling deep lines, these fillers can also be used on the lip area, chin area, and jawline to enhance a fuller look.

  • Injectable Restylane or Juvederm

If you want to fill temporarily in hollow eyes, use injectables. Many people use Botox around the eyes as it smooths out wrinkles and fine lines; however, there is a lot of skin that is sagging far below the surface. An injectable will be your best option if you have noticeable deep lines beneath the skin. Within a day or two after using this non-invasive procedure, your eyes will look and feel more youthful and refreshed.

Many people want to look younger and feel that their skin looks good. To achieve this, they start looking into procedures like injectables. These procedures are best used in areas where Botox is deep and can’t be reached. If you invest time in creating your skincare plan and have chosen the right products to use along with botox, the results will last much longer than traditional Botox treatments. Try to stay focused and grab a better understanding so that you don’t face any difficulty getting knowledge about botox.