jordan 1 crease protectors: A Must-Have for Sneaker Lovers


Jordan Brand’s most iconic sneaker, the Air Jordan 1, is beloved for its timeless design. With each iteration of the shoe , the sneaker receives new colorways and materials on top its iconic silhouette. As sneaker lovers, we obviously want to display our Air Jordans as best as we can, but as we all know, our favorite kicks don’t stay pristine for long. If you’re an Air Jordan 1 owner, then you know the scuffs and stains that are inevitable with these sneakers .

In this article , we’ll detail everything you need to know about how to care for your pair of Air Jordan 1s . We’ll start with the basics like how to clean your kicks and what to look for when shopping new ones. Then we’ll move on to how to protect your kicks from creases and tears with crease protectors and bags.

Before we talk about the crease protector options , let’s first talk about the most common places to find creases on the Air Jordan 1 .

What are crease protectors ?

Crease protectors are basically sheets of film that you place directly on your sneakers to prevent creases from forming . The protectors are made from a thin , transparent plastic and come in a variety of styles.

Jordan 1 Crease Protectors

Atkinson is the go-to brand for crease protectors for Jordan 1s. Their AJ1 Crease Protectors come in a variety of both clear and colored versions , and the clear version is the most popular. They come in three sizes with multiple designs for each size .

These protectors are easy to apply and remove. Just place them in the right-hand corner of your kicks and fold in the edges to make sure the entire protector is covering the shoe’s entire bottom edge . To take the protector off , just peel it off slowly.

Jordan 1 Crease Protector FAQ

Now that you know how to buy Jordan crease protectors , it’s time to learn more about how to apply them . Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get about using the protectors:

  • Is there any adhesive on the protector ? No , there are no adhesives or glues on the crease protectors .
  • How long will the protector last ? The protectors are made of high-quality plastic that can last for years .
  • Does the protector make my shoes look dirty ? The protector won’t make your shoes look dirty or discolored because it doesn’t prevent dirt from sticking to your shoes. However , it does allow you to clean your shoes much more easily .
  • How does the protector affect my shoe’s breathability ? The protector doesn’t block any air from entering the shoe nor will it affect the breathability of your kicks .
  • Can I apply the protector to any shoe size ? Yes , the crease protectors are adjustable to fit most shoe sizes .
  • How do I determine the right size for my Jordan 1s ? You can measure your current crease protector against the size of your shoes to determine the right size for you .

There are a few different ways to store and use crease protectors:

  • Use a cardboard shoe box to store your kicks .
  • Keep a pair of crease protectors in your closet to keep your kicks from rubbing against each other .
  • Place a crease protector in your gym bag to keep your sneakers from rubbing up against the mesh lining .
  • Use a pocket protector to keep your shoes in while you travel .

Which Jordan 1 colorway should I order ?

Jordan 1s are made up of different midsole materials that have different colors. The most popular are the Air Jordan 1 Low and the Air Jordan 1 Mid. For the best crease protection , we recommend buying the Jordan 1 Crease Protector for the Air Jordan 1 Low and the Air Jordan 1 Mid. The Air Jordan 1 Low Crease Protector goes under the shoe while the crease protector for the Air Jordan 1 Mid goes right on top of the shoe .

What size should I order ?

When ordering crease protectors, it’s best to order the size that corresponds to the shoe that you’re trying to protect. For example, if you want to protect your Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG, you’ll need to order the Jordan 1 Crease Protector for the Air Jordan 1 Mid. If you want to protect your Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Varsity Red”, you’ll want to order the Jordan 1 Crease Protector for the Air Jordan 1 Low . For the best crease protection, we recommend the Jordan 1 Crease Protector for the Air Jordan 1 Mid.

What’s the best way to store my Jordan 1 Crease Protectors?

There are a few different ways to store crease protectors, but we recommend storing them in a thin cardboard shoe box. The cardboard will maintain the shape of the crease protector and prevent it from sticking together.