Everyday Beauty Product Hacks

Beauty Fashion

Most of your basic beauty products can serve a dual purpose for you. Did you know that your beauty products have hidden secret benefits and dual utility? Instead of investing in new expensive beauty products, on can utilize regular beauty products that work wonderfully.


A lip balm is a must-have item in almost everyone’s bag! Your lip balm doesn’t only help you soothe your cracked lips, but it also helps you in several other ways. Your lip balm can act as a quick healer over small cuts and wounds, it can also be applied to smoothen your cuticles and parched skin around cheeks and nose.


Your perfume can also act as a nail paint remover. Though it might be an expensive one option, in an emergency, you can use it as nail polish remover! Perfume can also be used to add shine to your dull hair. All you need to do is, spray some perfume on your hairbrush and comb your locks gently a couple of times!


We all use a hand lotion to moisturize our skin but your hand lotion can also rescue you from frizzy hair. You can ditch those expensive chemical hair serums. Because the moisturizer in your lotion, will smoothen frizz and add glaze to your dull hair.


We know it is not a beauty product, but toothpaste has many secret benefits! You can use it to clean your silver jewelry! You can even apply toothpaste to settle/ dry your pimple.


Worried about those water stains on your leather boots? then your body oil is surely going to help you with this. For this, you will need a very little amount of body oil to clean the stain on your boots. This will also make your boots shine.


Loving your new pair of shoes but worried about those blisters? Here is a simple solution to it. Before you step into that new pair of shoes, just spray deodorant around the area you fear to get blisters.

These were some useful tips by Be U Salons to use your regular beauty products in a unique way!! Stay Be U- tiful with the best salon in Delhi.