Common Symptoms Of Arthritis


Knee Arthritis Symptoms Facts

Do you know what arthritis symptoms to look for?

There are certain questions you can ask yourself about arthritis to learn arthritis signs and symptoms. They are as follows:

When you exercise does it cause extreme aching in your joints? This is one of the first arthritis sign and symptoms. Are your joints stiff first thing every morning for about the 30 minutes of movement? This can be an early sign of osteoarthritis. Do you have limited range of motion in the affected joints? Do the joints crack, pop or inflict you pain when you bend within the normal limits? This can be asymptom of arthritis. Is your skin taut and shiny over the affected joint because of swelling? This can be rheumatoid arthritis symptoms or osteoarthritis. Also, can be symptoms of infection and gout. Is the affected joint warm or hot? Warm or hot joints can be symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, joint infection or gout. Test your afflicted joints for temperature. Is there a difference between the two? This can be a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis, gout or joint infection. Joints that are cold and bone-hard joints can be symptoms of osteoarthritis. Do you have any pain or swelling that is noticeable? This can be symptoms of joint infection or symptoms of arthritis. Do your joints make noises with movement? This can be a symptom of osteoarthritis. Is the pain symmetrical? Symmetrical means happens (inflammation, pain, cacks, pop, and grating) on each side in the same joint or joints? If yes, this can be symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

As you are asking yourself these questions, you are gaining knowledge as to arthritis symptoms. Be sure to make an appointment with your local doctor for advice and possible treatment if you suspect that you have any type of arthritis because the early arthritis signs and symptoms can be very vague and very confusing.

In your knee, there are specific parts that can be affected because of inflammation or injury and present symptoms of arthritis.

Ligaments –

there are 4 ligaments that can be injured. You may be unable to bear weight on injured knee. You may hear a popping sound or feel like your knee is going to buckle or give way on you. There is immediate pain with said injury and the pain worsens with walking or bending. This can be knee arthritis symptoms.

Tendon –

tendonitis is the irritation or inflammation of one or more tendons. There is pain in one or both knees with swelling. This is very common in athletes.

Meniscus –

is a tear in the cartilage known as torn cartilage. There is mild to moderate amounts of swelling, slowly, and with pain 24 to 36 hours after injury. This can lead to knee arthritis symptoms.

Bursitis –

is an inflamed bursa. The area will feel warm to the touch and appear red and swollen. At rest, there is pain.

There are many more arthritis symptoms.