Don’t Forget to Check your Vision and Hearing Each and Every Month

Don’t Forget to Check your Vision and Hearing Each and Every Month

You will agree with me that our vision will start deteriorating at the age of 50 and by the time you are 65, you vision will depend on various types of aid such as eye glasses. For some, luck is on their side due to genetic inheritance. Considering that eye sight depends on genetic make-up, it is important to make sure that your eyes are regularly checked after you retire or when you have attained a senior age. On the other hand, the sense of hearing is very important basically because we need to hear. Hearing is the basis of communication and communication is a source of happiness; an important factor for seniors at the ages above 65.

Benefits of regularly eye and hearing check-ups

There is an exhaustible list of adopting a practice where you can regularly check your eye and ears health. The first one is that these two senses are the basis of our happiness. Whenever we see something that makes us happy, it prolongs our lives. On the other hand, when we hear something good, we always feel some sort of happiness that has been found to boost our health to a great extent. With that idea in mind you need to make sure that you keep checking your eye always or regularly.

Constant eye checks prevent early cataracts and this will save you from losing vision too early. What happen when you lose vision? There are two things that will happen. First is that you will be over dependent on other people and this could lead to a feeling of being useless and eventual depression. In some worst cases, when people feel like they have become a burden, they end up committing suicide. This is unfortunate but before things can get to that point, you need to do that which is expected. It basically a simple exercise, have your eyes checked and live a good life.

Secondly, eye and ear check-ups is the basis of early diagnosis and it is also the basis of designing the best aid that will suit you through to your advanced age in life. For those few who are still seeing well, it is true to say that they must have started attending check-ups long before their eyes got worse. Make sure that your eye and ear health is a priority.