Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

Spring!  Even if the weather hasn’t decided what it’s going to do, it’s time to bring color back!  Enough of the brown and blah…it’s time for bright and cheery!  Whether you wear it, doodle it, or just admire it from your work window, don’t you agree that the return of all things colorful marks a fabulous time of year?  That’s what inspired me with this Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath!  Truth be told, I had first imagined this as a Valentine’s decoration with all kinds of white, red, and pink.  But I didn’t get it done.  Then I imagined it as a St. Patrick’s Day decoration, with all sorts of green.  But I didn’t get it done.  But guess what…now that spring has sprung, I got it done!  Woo-hoo!

This project doesn’t call for too many supplies, and it really isn’t difficult, but I will forewarn you that it takes some time and patience, and will most definitely result in some glue gun burns, but hey, just consider them crafting battle wounds…

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

Here are the supplies* that you will need:

*Affiliate Links

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

So are you ready to make your own Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath?  The first thing that you’ll want to do is to paint your chipboard because part of it will inevitably show.  I chose white because I used clear/frosted/white buttons as my base buttons.  The most important parts to paint are the inside and outside edges, as you won’t be putting buttons there.

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

Now it’s time to grab your weapon and start stickin’ it to the man.  Wait.  Scratch that.

Now it’s time to grab your glue gun and start sticking buttons to your wreath form.  (That’s better.)  You’ll definitely want to figure out what works best for you, but I made approximately one-inch lines of glue and started sticking buttons on.  I used no rhyme or reason in regards to what size buttons to use, I just tried to keep them along the edge for the first row.

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

Your first row is going to look really pretty (minus the little clumps of glue that are going to be EVERYWHERE).  As you can see, you’ll probably get some buttons glued to your nails, as well.  Just keep gluing buttons until you’ve covered the whole surface of the wreath form with one layer of buttons.

I chose to use the clear/frosted buttons on my first layer of buttons because I wanted the dimension, but not the drama.  My purpose of the first layer of buttons was just to be a background or base for the other buttons.  However, you can jump right in with white and colored buttons if you want to.

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

You might notice that at this point your wreath doesn’t look extremely pretty.  There will be gaps in between some of the buttons since you’re using different sizes (and since buttons are typically round), and there will be globs of glue all over the place.  (You might even find some in your hair.)  It’s okay…you’ll be covering all of that up.

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

At least for me, this was when the fun started.  It’s time to start adding your color!  Grab your colorful buttons (and white ones, if you choose), and start filling in the gaps!  You can pull off any glue that you’re able to, but you probably aren’t going to have as much of a mess when you’re adding buttons one by one. 

The point at which you stop adding buttons is completely up to you.  I thought I was done a few times and just kept adding!  I ended up using the white buttons as gap-fillers and platforms for some of the more colorful buttons. 

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

And here it is!  Isn’t it fun?!?!  If I had had more bright, fun buttons then I absolutely would have added them.  I wanted to keep the colors more bright and cheery, though, and a lot of the buttons that I had left were more retro or drab.  Or just like the ones I had already added.  Regardless, I love it!

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

Here’s a close-up of one side of the wreath.  If you look closely you can still see some glue clumps, but not really.  They tend to blend in with the frosted buttons on the bottom.  That was my master plan all along…(or so I keep telling myself)! 

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

I don’t know about you, but this wreath makes me smile.  Yay, spring!

Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath - - #colorful #spring #chipboard #button #wreath

Here it is on our front door.  I like the way that it pops against the black door.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that my husband shares my enthusiasm with the cutesy colorful wreath greeting everyone that drives by.  It doesn’t quite match the landscape design of the front yard.  LOL!  It’s okay, he likes it, but I think he likes it best indoors.

So what do you think?  Do you like my Colorful Spring Chipboard Button Wreath?  Do you hang a wreath on your door in spring?  Drop by my Facebook page and leave me a picture if you do!

P.S.  In need of craft supplies to make this or any other project you’re working on? 
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    • Thanks, Jackie! I had all of the buttons at home, BUT I had previously bought a really big package of assorted buttons to do various things…so I could really say YES to both! :) Thanks for stopping by!

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