Grow Your Google+ Circles with #mommyiscoocoo!

Grow Your Google+ Circles with #mommyiscoocoo - - #googleplus #linkparty

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  And if you haven’t seen me say it already, happy spring!!!  Do you have any spring goals that you’re trying to reach?  I have a couple…and here they are in case you want to help me reach them! 

  1. Reach 5,000 Followers on Pinterest
  2. Reach 2,000 Followers on Twitter
  3. Reach 2,000 Followers on Facebook
  4. Grow my Google+ Circles!  (You’re in the right place to help with this one!)

There are about a bagillion other goals that I have, too, but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone when you’re here to party!!!!  So let’s stop chatting and get to goal #4 for all of us by Growing those Circles!

Are you looking to grow your circles on Google+?  
Do you want better SEO and increased website exposure?
This is the place to be!  Welcome to the mommy is coocoo circles hop.

*Update we’ve created a facebook group for Creative bloggers who google+.  
Message me here with your email address if you would like to be in to the group.

Now it’s time to party!

SEO, Grow your google+ circles link party, with mommy is coocoo


If you want to be included in our Google+ Circle:



Please add our button to your sidebar or post! (You can grab it from my sidebar!)

mommy is coocoo 



1. Add all of the cohosts to one of your circles.


2. Link up your Google+ url NOT your blog url.


3. Share a creative post (i.e. posts about cooking, DIY, crafts, etc…) to the public on Google+ and include the hashtag #mommyiscoocoo.


4. Socialize – The more shares a website or blog post has the better chance it has of ranking well.


  • Add new friends to your circles.
  • Comment and Share posts you really enjoy!
  • Throughout the day +1 posts with the hashtag #mommyiscoocoo on Google+

*If you want to grow your presence on Google+ email (me) Amanda at mommyiscoocoo(at)gmail(dot)com to cohost.

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