{Free} Spring Has Sprung Butterfly Printables

Free Spring Has Sprung Butterfly Printables - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Free #Spring #Butterfly #Printables

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!  The weather here hasn’t been able to decide if it wants to be cold or warm, but today really has felt like spring!  The signs are all there–bunnies and birds in the yard, bees buzzing around, and…weeds.  The grass is starting to turn green again, and the trees are starting to fill out.  I’ve also had a few bugs in the house the last couple of days, which is definitely a part of spring and summer that I could do without!  (That and the heat.  I don’t like being hot.  It makes me seriously grumpy.  But I digress…)  All of my complaints aside, spring really is a nice time of year, and in honor of this new season I’ve put together these {Free} Spring Has Sprung Butterfly Printables!

I’ve included two printables that simply state “Spring Has Sprung” with a pretty little butterfly.  The first just has green writing, the second has a yellow shadow to it.  I liked them both, so I decided to give them both to you, as well!

I’ve also included two “blank” sheets that you can print and use as notepaper, or whatever you’d like.  I know how I’m using mine…I recently made this awesome DIY Dry Erase Board that Just Us Four has on her blog, and I’m going to replace the piece of notebook paper I have in there with one of these sheets.  Won’t that be cute?

To download the printables and notepaper, simply click on the “Download” button below the pictures.  (I wouldn’t recommend right clicking and saving the little previews…the quality won’t be as high.)


Free Spring Has Sprung Butterfly Printables - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Free #Spring #Butterfly #PrintablesFree Spring Has Sprung Butterfly Printables - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Free #Spring #Butterfly #Printables
  Printable 1 
  Printable 2 
Free Spring Has Sprung Butterfly Printables - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Free #Spring #Butterfly #PrintablesFree Spring Has Sprung Butterfly Printables - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Free #Spring #Butterfly #Printables
Notepaper 1 
  Notepaper 2 


I’ll let you in on a little secret about the notepaper…if you’ll notice, the only difference on these is also the colored drop shadow behind the elements…this is how the actual printable started.  I had saved it in “steps” in case I wanted to change small portions of it.  The first is step one, the second was step 2.  As you can see, though, I completely changed the bottom portion of the printable.  I couldn’t let them go to waste, though!

I hope you enjoy these printables!  Are you one of those people who get excited about spring?  How do you “celebrate”?

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15 thoughts on “{Free} Spring Has Sprung Butterfly Printables

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  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful gorgeous printables. Can hardly wait to use them. (have to get ink cartridges) but will print them out a.s.a.p. Appreciate you sharing your talents.
    I love it when Spring comes, it’s still trying to make up it’s mind around here from day to day but it’s getting there. (Grand Junction, CO)
    I can hardly wait to be able open doors and windows. It gets pretty hot in summer so we enjoy it while we have Spring
    Happy Easter

    • I’m really excited that you like them! It can’t decide if it wants to be spring here in Atlanta, either, but I’m sure even more so there in CO! :)

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