#OneBuyForAll – “Tech”cessorizing Using Best Buy Gift Cards

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#OneBuyForAll - "Tech"cessorizing Using Best Buy Gift Cards - #Shop #Cbias #BestBuy #GiftCards - http://DesignedByBH.com

Happy Holidays, Everyone!  I hope that all of your days have been merry and bright and you’re looking forward to the New Year! 

If you’re like me, some of the presents that you or your loved ones received this year included some of the newest, shiniest and best tech gifts…or the Best Buy gift cards to buy them!

#OneBuyForAll - "Tech"cessorizing Using Best Buy Gift Cards - #Shop #Cbias #BestBuy #GiftCards - http://DesignedByBH.com

So what’s a girl (or mom, dad, brother, sister, wife, husband, teacher…) to do?  Head to the gift center with your Best Buy gift cards to get some of the cool gifts that Santa forgot to slip under the tree…or the “tech”cessories to go along with those gifts!

#OneBuyForAll - "Tech"cessorizing Using Best Buy Gift Cards - #Shop #Cbias #BestBuy #GiftCards - http://DesignedByBH.com

My husband got an iPhone 5 this Christmas, so I knew exactly what I was heading to Best Buy gift center for–all the things he knew and loved with his old phone!  The must-have on my list was a longer charging cord so he can lay in bed and still look at his phone–pretty sure that’s his favorite past-time! 

And take a look at that phone case–water, dirt, snow, and husband proof!  Unfortunately, he already has a case he loves, so I had to pass this one up.  However, once I get my iPhone 5, I’ll be heading back for it! 

I also picked up an iTunes gift card for him so that he can download his favorite tunes for his new phone.  (Truth be told, I may be keeping this gift for myself…)

#OneBuyForAll - "Tech"cessorizing Using Best Buy Gift Cards - #Shop #Cbias #BestBuy #GiftCards - http://DesignedByBH.com

Word on the street is that part of my Christmas was supposed to be a new iPad, but there was a snafu that kept that from happening…but since Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the hubs and I do both love the best tech gifts out there, I had to look at the iPad and other tablet accessories.  On my list, a stylus, and a great case.  Isn’t the one on the far right neat?  It may be a little bulky, but it’s unique and that’s what I’m going for!  I was glad to see all of the options that Best Buy had to offer in store. 

#OneBuyForAll - "Tech"cessorizing Using Best Buy Gift Cards - #Shop #Cbias #BestBuy #GiftCards - http://DesignedByBH.com

Have you seen the new smart watches that are out?  I’ve seen commercials, but hadn’t seen any in person…I was surprised to see them at Best Buy, at least so many versions!  Talk about cool gifts…if I had a gift card big enough, this would have been on my list!  :)  As I’m sure you know, they also have a great collection of phones from all of the top carriers…and the “blue shirts” will be more than happy to help you! 

#OneBuyForAll - "Tech"cessorizing Using Best Buy Gift Cards - #Shop #Cbias #BestBuy #GiftCards - http://DesignedByBH.com

So why should you head to the store instead of just shopping online?  For one, the staff is super helpful.  For instance, I bet there are more than a few of you who may wonder what that “thing” in the top photo is and how it works…well, I met about a dozen workers who were not at all pushy, but were more than willing to help explain this type of thing!  (It’s a Beats Pill, by the way…a pretty cool little speaker!) 

Plus, it’s a great way to get ideas for yourself or others on your list.  See the “Office” photo–you can buy subscriptions to Office 365 right in store, then download what you need from your computer at home.  Since I just got a computer right after Thanksgiving, this was great to see!

If you’re looking for something to keep you on track for those New Year’s Resolutions, take a look at the SyncBurn which helps you track the calories you burn throughout the day, as well as uploading the data to your phone–how cool is that?!?!  It’s something I never would have searched for online, but can’t stop thinking about now that I’ve seen it in store.

And who doesn’t love the fun phone cases?  (If you’re a fan of the Big Bang Theory you probably love the cases on the bottom left as much as I do!) 

#OneBuyForAll - "Tech"cessorizing Using Best Buy Gift Cards - #Shop #Cbias #BestBuy #GiftCards - http://DesignedByBH.com

So what do you do if you still want to buy some of the best tech gifts for someone else, or just need to spend your Best Buy gift cards that you received over the holidays…but aren’t sure what to buy?  Take a look at Best Buy’s trending page to see what gadgets are currently trending on Twitter!  That way you’ll know what’s hot…even if you really don’t… 😉

So when are you planning your trip to Best Buy and what will you be picking up?  Next on my list, a Keurig!

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

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40 thoughts on “#OneBuyForAll – “Tech”cessorizing Using Best Buy Gift Cards

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Tonia! 😉 I’m pretty upset that I didn’t get myself a long cord, too–he’s been lounging around wherever he wants reading so comfortably…whereas I’m about to fall off the bed while trying not to lift the power strip off the floor just so I can look at my phone before bed.

    • If you need or want a movie, a tv, a sound system, a real phone, a cell phone, speakers, appliances (both big and small), computers, ink, tablets, cameras, etc. etc. etc….or any of the accessories to go with any of them…then yes, you need to go to Best Buy! Lol! OH! And there are snacks and cold drinks at the registers!

    • No Best Buy!?!?! Tell me you at least have Target and Starbucks??? 😉 There’s not one in my mom’s town, either, so she enjoyed our little fieldtrip. It’s definitely worth the stop when you’re near one, though!
      Thanks for the visit!

    • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a flip phone…but there’s also nothing wrong with getting a new phone! Time to head over there and start shopping, I think! 😉

  3. My big purchase at Best Buy this season was my new Macbook Air!! I was so excited. If I had a gift card now though, I would probably go pick up my husband accessories for his new game systems. I can’t play with him when it only comes with one controller!

    • Lukcy lucky lucky with the MacBook Air! I want one of those! I really like my new computer, but it’s no MacBook…
      And you’re right–it’s so wrong for there to only be one controller with gaming systems. They know they have you on the hook for more money the minute you buy the darn thing! :)

    • I saw the phone cases and my first thoughts were, “Oh, look–one for Leonard, Sheldon, Howard AND Raj!” Then I had to remind myself that I’m not friends with them…because they’re not real people…gotta hate it when that happens! Have fun figuring out what to buy! :)

    • Sounds like a good plan! I should have bought myself a new phone case, now that I think about…I am keeping the iTunes card I bought…but shhh…don’t tell! 😉

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