Our Christmas Tree – 2013

Our Christmas Tree 2013 - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Christmas #Tree #2013

Merry Christmas to all of you in blog-land!  I hope that your Christmas Day and surrounding holidays have been great.  I know it’s a hard time of year with all of the hustle and bustle–and the fact that it makes family and personal issues glaringly obvious.  Regardless of the ups and downs surrounding the season, I hope that you’ve had some time to enjoy it all and celebrate the Reason for the Season!

Today I’m sharing our Christmas Tree…yes, it’s the same tree and many of the same ornaments as our 2012 Christmas Tree, but this year I’ve got some better photos to show…yay!  I hope that you enjoy!gmiller-merrymistletoeribbons-30

Our Christmas Tree 2013 - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Christmas #Tree #2013

Here is our tree with our presents underneath.  Don’t you love the white tree?  It’s not for everyone, but since we’re such big Georgia fans (as in the University of Georgia), it works well with the red and black.  Yes, the primarily red and black presents underneath were totally on purpose! 


Our Christmas Tree 2013 - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Christmas #Tree #2013

Ever since my husband and I have been celebrating Christmas together (even before we got married almost two years ago), we’ve been buying ornaments together to add to our collection.  These penguins stick with the red and black fairly well, huh?!?  Plus I think they’re super cute!


Our Christmas Tree 2013 - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Christmas #Tree #2013

We also have several Santa-themed ornaments on our tree.  (And I just remembered one that I forgot to take a picture of!)  The one on the left is one from my Mom’s ornament collection that she gave to me a few years ago.  I love it!  I’m also partial to the Santa suit ball ornament and the little coat.  The tuba and the golfer are from Neal’s younger years–he played the tuba in the high school marching band, as well as playing on the golf team. 


Our Christmas Tree 2013 - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Christmas #Tree #2013

Most of our other ornaments mean something to one or both of us, as well.  All of the ornaments above mean something to the hubby, in particular.  I purchased the swirly lollipop for him last year as he has fond memories of shopping with his mom when he was younger–not because of the shopping, but because he was strapped into his stroller and given a big sucker to keep him busy! 

The Uga ornament is one that Neal had prior to us meeting.  He has been a super huge UGA fan since he was a child, and is a season ticket holder for the football games.  This is just one of the many ways this love is commemorated at Christmas (besides the glaringly obvious red and black tree–hey, you gotta commit to the G, right?).

The rocking-horse is an ornament from Neal’s childhood.  I have fond memories of similar ornaments from my “younger days,” as well. 

The golfer was a present from me several years ago.  It reminded me of him the moment I saw it–again, since he played golf and the golfer is wearing red and black.  How perfect is that?


Our Christmas Tree 2013 - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Christmas #Tree #2013

I limited the ornaments from the “special to me” category to just a few since pretty much everything on the tree means something to me!  The first and last ornaments are the most recent addition to our collection.  Neal gave them to me as a Christmas-Eve present tonight.  There is a third, but my pic was blurry.  :(

The second one is one that I love because it reminds me of Topo Gigio from The Ed Sullivan Show.  No, it’s not him, but it brings back fond memories, and that’s the point, right?  And just to answer the question on everyone’s mind…no, I didn’t see the Ed Sullivan Show when it originally aired. It was in syndication.  But I’m still certain that I was born in the wrong generation as far as my tastes and beliefs go! 

Finally, the third ornament above is the one from my very first Christmas (which was about three months after I was born).  The top of it is actually broken, but I’m glad that it has survived as many moves as I have made!


Our Christmas Tree 2013 - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Christmas #Tree #2013

These ornaments are all ones that Neal and I have purchased together, or mean something to the two of us.  I don’t honestly remember where we got the top snowman candle holder…but it’s US.  It represents our holidays and memories together, and I believe we received it our first Christmas together.

There is nothing special about the little rainboots…not that I can remember…but they’re red and we both liked them.  :)  The same goes for the little silver tree.

The big red and silver H ornament should be pretty obvious…it stands for our last name!  I believe we bought this one last year.  It’s perfect for so many reasons.

The sock monkey is just something we both like!  For some reason we have a growing collection.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very small collection (there is one on the tree and one in the car), but it’s something we giggle about together…which makes it perfect for such a personal tree!


Our Christmas Tree 2013 - http://DesignedByBH.com - #Christmas #Tree #2013

Finally, no photo or conversation of our Christmas tree would be complete without these furry little ones.  They absolutely LOVE sleeping under the tree…and they are the best Christmas presents one could ever ask for (in fact, we got Kennedy a day after Christmas one year).

What does your Christmas tree look like?  Do you have a theme?  I’d love to hear all about it!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!!!!!!!

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20 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree – 2013

  1. Brooke,
    My Mom explained to me that they did not decorate the tree until Christmas Eve when she was young. If you look at it’s A Wonderful Life, and several other Christmas Movies from that time that is what happens in the movies too.
    I love Topo Gigio there is a restaurant in Chicago that is delicious. We held an awards dinner for my husbands staff, several years back.They made Chocolate Mousse for me because it was my birthday. The owner and staff could have been any nicer. He purchased the rights to the name, and drawing. I even saved our menu because the Artwork and personal menu for our evening made me feel so special.
    Your Tree is stunning, the memories sweet, I can’t wait to see what is knew on the tree next year.
    Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you so much for your mom’s explanation! Now I don’t feel so bad with how late we were! :)
      I’m definitely going to have to look up the Topo Gigio restaurant if I ever find myself in Chicago. (And I’m glad that someone knew what I was talking about!!!)
      Thank you so much for stopping by–I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks, Cara! Yes, my cats climbed the tree when they were both kittens…that was an experience!!! They normally pull the lowest ornaments off of the tree, too…that hasn’t happened yet this year, though! (Knock on wood!)

  2. I love the memories you’re making. We did the same thing with ornaments when we were first married. As soon as we had children my parents began buying them a special ornament every year. I’d love to do a post about them but with 3 kids and 19 yrs worth of ornaments, it might be a little too much. Have a very Merry Christmas!
    Danita @O Taste And See recently posted…Why We Celebrate Christmas, Part 2My Profile

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