DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame – #CraftersRAK

DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - #DIY #Shabby #Ladybug #Frame

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with and Blueprint Social. Compensation and/or materials may have been provided.  All opinions are 100% my own.


We’ve all heard of a Random Act of Kindness, you know, the movement where the person in front of you in a drive-thru randomly pays your bill and you are so touched that you pay for the person behind you…and this goes on for hours and hours.  Or maybe you take muffins to your co-workers for no reason at all.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Today I am honored and excited to be participating in something very similar with and Blueprint Social: Random Crafts of Kindness, or #CraftersRAK.  Consumer Crafts generously provided me with supplies in order to make a “random” gift for someone who needed a little pick-me-up, and I immediately knew what to do.

DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - Random Crafts

Please note that a few details, such as names and locations, have been changed in order protect the anonymity of the parties involved. 

While we don’t all have the same circumstances in life, we all face daily challenges, struggles, and decisions.  A friend of mine from college, Lisa, knows this all too well.  You see, Lisa is a single mom–and it just so happens that she and the baby’s father are not of the same race…

There are a lot of you that just thought to yourself, “So?  Why does that matter?”  Well, really, it shouldn’t.  Unfortunately, at least here in the South, it still matters to a lot of people.  Instead of being thrilled that she made the decision to go through with her pregnancy, all they see is color.  And that her beautiful baby girl is not 100% white.  And sometimes, the people who care the most are the people closest to us.

When Lisa gave birth and was finally able to go home, she and her baby went alone.  There was no fanfare.  There was no excitement.  There were no balloons or meals waiting at home.  Because she chose to have a mixed-race baby, Lisa has been doing everything alone.  She has been ostracized by her entire family–something I find completely and absolutely ridiculous.

I don’t know what else, if anything, has gone on to cause the rift.  But I do know that there is a grandchild whose grandparents are ignoring her because her skin is slightly darker.  And that makes me sad for everyone involved.  Lisa has no support.  She works hard at a full-time job and then goes home to care for her child alone.  And while she loves her baby girl, that can be so hard.

When I found out about this opportunity to do a Random Craft of Kindness with, I knew that Lisa was the person most in need of a pick-me-up.  And what a better way than to give her something that highlights the brightest spot in her life, her baby girl!  Her nursery is decorated in ladybugs, and she was a little ladybug for Halloween, so I decided to stick with the theme and make a DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame.

Here are the supplies that you’ll need to make your own.

DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - #DIY #Shabby #Ladybug #Frame


  1. Decoupage
  2. Scissors
  3. Foam Brush
  4. Variety of Buttons
  5. Industrial Adhesive
  6. Assortment of Paper
  7. Darice Sparkle Tape – Red
  8. Thickers Flocked Alphabet Stickers – Red
  9. Washi Tape – Black with White Polka Dots
  10. Ranger Liquid Pearls – Onyx
  11. Wood Shape Cutout Ladybugs
  12. 12×12 Ready to Finish Memory Frame
  13. Red and Black Ladybugs (3)
  14. Black Paisley Bandana
  15. White, Red & Black Plaid Ribbon

*Items 7-14 were provided by and can be purchased directly from Consumer Crafts using the given links.


DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - #DIY #Shabby #Ladybug #Frame

Before you star, I recommend removing the backing and the glass from the frame in order to keep them clean and make the frame easier to work with.

Next, cut out a portion of your handkerchief and adhere it to your frame.  Using the foam brush, paint a thin layer of decoupage on to your frame where the cloth will be and place the handkerchief on top, smoothing out any bubbles.  Once it is in place, cover the handkerchief with a layer of decoupage.  As you can see from the photo, mine has glitter in it.


DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - #DIY #Shabby #Ladybug #Frame

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this project, I really can’t give you “exacts” on what to do next!  Take your paper, washi tape, ribbon, and whatever else you are using and start piecing it together on your frame until the full frame is covered and you’ve achieved the “look” you are wanting.  This is not an exact science…which is why I love the project!

Note that when I adhered my washi and glitter tapes to the frame, I used the same steps as I did with the cloth and the paper–I placed a thin layer of decoupage on the frame, added my ribbon or tape, and covered with another layer of decoupage.  Not only will this help with adhesion, it keeps everything sparkly with the glitter in the decoupage.  :)


DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - #DIY #Shabby #Ladybug #Frame

Your next step is to decorate and adhere your wooden ladybug pieces.  I considered painting these, but decided to cover them with black and red(ish) scrapbook paper instead.

In order to get the right size/shape, flip your decorative paper over, trace your ladybug, and cut outAdhere to your wooden piece with decoupage (same as the rest of the frame).

If desired, add red, white, and black buttons for the ladybug spots.

Using a strong glue, place your ladybugs on the desired location on your frame.  I recommend pressing down/holding in place for a few seconds in order to help the glue set.


DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - #DIY #Shabby #Ladybug #Frame

Now it’s time to add the cute little ladybugs!  Choose your location, then glue the ladybugs to your frame in the same manner used with the wooden ladybugs.  Note that these originally had wire in the back of them in order to add to a floral arrangement, but the wire is easily removed.

I also used my Liquid Pearls paint to add extra dots to the little bugs–unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of this step.

Finally, add your lettering.  I chose to write out “Ladybug” on the bottom of the frame.  (Crazy choice, right?)  I wasn’t extremely certain that these would stick on their own so I added a thin layer of decoupage before putting them in place.  However, since the letters are flocked, I didn’t add another layer of decoupage over top.


DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - #DIY #Shabby #Ladybug #Frame

Congratulations, your DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame is now complete!  Isn’t it adorable?  I can’t wait to see a photo of Lisa’s pretty little girl in it.  Maybe one in her little ladybug costume!


DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - #DIY #Shabby #Ladybug #Frame

Though I’m a perfectionist, I actually like the imperfections of this project.  I guess that’s what makes it “Shabby”!  :)


DIY Shabby Ladybug Frame - #CraftersRAK - - #DIY #Shabby #Ladybug #Frame

So what do you think of my little project?  Do you have a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance like Lisa that needs to feel a little extra love right now?  Why not surprise them with a Random Craft of Kindness! is a great place to start!

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DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with and Blueprint Social. Compensation and/or materials may have been provided.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  3. Brooke,
    I am happy to see our adorable picture frame. I am delighted to see you share your random crafts of kindness. Is there a way for others to get involved because I am definitely interested in this program from

    • Karen, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! The best way to reach out to Consumer Crafts is through their social media accounts, which can be found towards the bottom of my post.
      If you are interested in participating in posts like this one in the future, there is a button for Blueprint Social on my sidebar–they are the ones who facilitated the post.
      I hope that information helps!

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