Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet

Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet - - #red #white #blue #DIY #cupcake #bouquet

First things first, I want to thank you for stopping by my humble little blog!  I’m excited that you’re here!  I’m also so excited to be a part of Mandy’s Red White Blue post series over at Sugar Bee Crafts!  If you haven’t been by her blog yet, click on the box below and head on over!  (Just make sure you check out my post first!)

Sugar Bee Crafts Red White Blue

Now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s jump right to it!  Here’s all that you need to have and do to make your very own DIY Cupcake Bouquet…

Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet - - #red #white #blue #DIY #cupcake #bouquet


  • 7 Cupcakes with white icing – 3 with red sprinkles, 3 with blue sprinkles, 1 with both
  • Flower Pot (make sure it’s clean)
  • Styrofoam ball to fit the flower-pot opening (mine is a 5″ ball)
  • 21 Toothpicks
  • Red ribbon to tie around the flower-pot
  • Decorative garland or sprigs (not pictured)


Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet - - #red #white #blue #DIY #cupcake #bouquet

Start by tying the ribbon around the flower-pot in a bow (or a knot, if you choose–however you think it looks prettiest).  You don’t want to wait to do this…could be messy later!

Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet - - #red #white #blue #DIY #cupcake #bouquet

Insert the styrofoam ball into the flower-pot.  The flower-pot I purchased is a bit of an odd size so the ball sat lower than I wanted.  I fixed this by stuffing the bag I brought the styrofoam ball home in into the bottom of the pot and reinserting the ball.  Easy fix.

Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet - - #red #white #blue #DIY #cupcake #bouquet

Next you will attach the cupcakes–this is where it gets messy, but trust me, it’s a delicious mess!  You’ll attach the cupcakes by piercing the ball with three toothpicks per cupcake (or more, if you choose), such as in the picture above.

Before placing the toothpicks, though, I suggest using an empty cupcake liner to judge where the center of the cupcake will be in order to provide the most stability.  If you place them too low, the top of the cupcake will tend to lean back off of the styrofoam.

Attach the middle cupcakes first, starting with the two on the “center sides” followed by the cupcake that will sit on top.  Place the other four cupcakes around the sides.

Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet - - #red #white #blue #DIY #cupcake #bouquet

Looks neat, right?  But there are gaps around the cupcakes that show the styrofoam.  (GASP!)  This may be due to my placement of the cupcakes, the odd sized flower-pot, or a million other things.  It’s okay, though, because there are no mistakes in art (or crafts), only opportunities!

Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet - - #red #white #blue #DIY #cupcake #bouquet

Take sprigs/pieces of decorative garland (two or three inches long) and stick into the styrofoam ball where any gaps between the cupcakes exist.  For this Red, White & Blue theme it works great–the shiny stars look a little bit like firecrackers!  (I totally planned that…yeah…)  Now step back and take a look–much better!

Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet - - #red #white #blue #DIY #cupcake #bouquet

 You’re done!  Isn’t it fun?  You can absolutely do this for other occasions, too.  Try pastels for spring, primary colors for birthdays, red and green for Christmas…the options are endless!  And who wouldn’t love to receive a cupcake bouquet?

The only downside to this project?  It won’t look like a bouquet for long!!!  (Not when my cupcake lovin’ self is around, anyway!)

Red, White & Blue DIY Cupcake Bouquet - - #red #white #blue #DIY #cupcake #bouquet

What do you think?  Will you be making this sparkly, star-spangled treat for this 4th of July?  Just for your reference, I purchased the pot, the styrofoam ball, the ribbon, the garland, the sprinkles and the cute striped cupcake liners all at Michaels.

Don’t forget to head over to Sugar Bee Crafts to check out more Red White Blue goodness, and Mandy’s bloggy genius!

Now excuse me while I go eat a cupcake…

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    • I loved yours! I looked at it on Monday. I liked the woven placemat thingy (that’s the technical term, right?). You can set a cupcake bouquet on top of it! :)

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